Fighting the forest loss in Cerrado

The country programs like Brazil’s will also enhance leadership and negotiation skills to give indigenous people and local community members an opportunity to play an important role in this debate

What is PEACE for you?

The day will be announced the winner of the best documentary Oscar, a category in which it competes Brazilian Sebastiao Salgado, 1 Papo Reto discovers that UNESCO has launched a contest to select the image that best represents peace

Being a woman in Brazil. A hard task

In Brazil, when it comes to inequality in the politic arena and in the labor field, the women are still in the last century, when you talk about salaries and representation in the high ranked positions

Beyond the green catwalk

What is the size of the fashion industry’s role in a sustainable agenda? For the Belgium designer Bruno Pieters as big as the compromise with the construction of a better world

Brazilian Youths fighting against Aids

Globally, AIDS-related deaths overall fell by 30 per cent between 2005 and 2012, but increased by 50 per cent among adolescents aged 10–19 years during that same period

Flying to the green sky

British Airways takes off an ambitious project to become the most sustainable airline in the world. By now, the title belongs to the Dutch KLM. In Brazil, Embraer has already developed and produced a small airplane fueled exclusively by ethanol

World Cup for the environment, women…

One week before the World Cup, people joined hangouts at the digital plataform +SocialGood (Google) to explore global and very important issues such as climate and energy

Building the future of construction

In the future green buidings will be cheaper than you imagine. As more people learn about how to build them, the cost of the services will drop fast